Leroy St Germain Fall Guy & Pub & The Politician

Written on:July 10, 2014
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Leroy St Germain Fall Guy & Pub & The Politician

There are individuals and groups who can’t always get away with what they want without consequences. These groups or individuals do not want to be blamed for a smear campaign that only works when a trusted neutral source such as a newspaper does it for them. If little Johnny called Mary a gardening tool. We do not give it any notice. But if the Toronto Star calls Mary a little gardening tool, we believe because we assume that the Toronto Star does not want to be sued. This fear of a lawsuit keeps local media in check. With the web there is no way to stop crazy talk. even Wikipedia can be rewritten by the average Joe. Countless people rely on what is posted there to be actual truth. The sad part is, you can find the answer you want to just about any question by asking google the right combination of words. Look up the ‘health benefits of bananas’, and then look up the ‘disadvantages of bananas’- you will find that they will keep you alive forever on one hand and that they will send to you to an early grave on the other. As useful as the internet can be, we still rely largely on Television, Newspaper and Radio for our news… even when we go online, we visit The Weather Network, TSN, or CP24. so the public tends to trust those forms of media far more than some blog on the net. That being said, we have a little story to tell you about a pub, a politician and printed publication run by the ultimate fall-guy. The story itself is years old, but the saga is far from over. Just recently, the Rob Ford was sued for commenting on the legality and morals of the Boardwalk Cafe/BBQ Pub long-term lease-renewal, and his intention to avoid such backhanded, shady deals in his new government. The story original was published in 2009 by Ward a local paper owned by Leroy St Germain and run by Paul Murton with a host of ghost writers (including me). To refresh your memory here is a reader’s digest version of the original story. Leroy was given a binder of information on Sandra Bussin, from a reputable source, on the condition that he would claim he had done the research himself to further his own political vendetta against Bussin. Nobody is accusing Leroy of being a Bussin-fan before all of this hit, but that is what made him the perfect publisher to be a fall guy. In addition, it is alleged that the owners of the establishment, and Sandra Bussin herself, were well aware of the shady plan long before it became an issue. Basically, the pub owner was told how he could grease the wheels of her campaign ‘legally’, by naming countless employees as contributors of the maximum amount, rather than himself as the sole contributor. Basically, George gives $750 (max. amount), but so does his daughter, his son, his wife, his estranged cousin, three of his busboys, half the kitchen staff, and any wait-staff who looked like they might last longer than a week. I’ve worked there, and I couldn’t have contributed a tenth of $750 without robbing the place, so I sincerely doubt 20 staff members agreed to do so.


The information Leroy received showed that the many contributors to the campaign were regularly parked in the establishment’s parking lot. The researchers, including a detective, also went so far as to match the license plates with employees of the pub. It became newsworthy, to say the very least, and the Toronto Sun actually picked it up. Ford being sued is a little bit silly because the term slander implies that the rumour being spread is without merit, and I challenge anyone, including the owners of the BBQ pub to PROVE that the research (which I saw myself) indicates anything other than some shady intentions. I challenge anyone to find me TWO busboys making next to nothing, who are willing to contribute $750 of their hard-earned money to any political campaign. The large part our trusted media had in slamming the door of political office on former beach-favourite, Sandra Bussin is a very important part of this story, especially regarding the Boardwalk/BBQ pub at the foot of Coxwell Avenue. Leroy (the owner of, whose credit rating is non-existent at best, (most likely terrible) was the perfect lackey in this little scheme as he was in the position to offer the services of being a small part of the media. He could do so more easily without the legal responsibilities and assets faced by larger, more reputable publications like The Toronto Star, etc. Some public figures or groups find a more devious or roundabout way of getting their message out, and many of those tales of cowardice include a lackey, or fall-guy, who can spew whatever he wants without repercussions because he barely owns the legs on which he stands, let alone any property, wealth or assets worth suing for. He believes in little more than printing and distributing the inconvenient, controversial and insane “truth”. So long as he can find (or create) some sort of proof, this blind, yet passionate, citizen goes out of his way to litter the neighbourhood with atrocious writing about the latest alleged scandal. There is often some truth somewhere within all the psychobabble, but the rest belongs beside the piles of dog crap left behind by irresponsible owners. Small scale or not, media has more merit than just a few individuals making accusations about someone else. If we get torn apart (AGAIN) in the next issue of the Ward32, we will suck it up. We are being NICE to you, Leroy St Germaine of your ward news

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